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November 30 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:52 ]
Not just upskirt, but down blouse, tight jeans, lingerie and celebs too!

Let it be said right up front that UpSkirtCollection doesn't just feature upskirt shots and that it's video archive is huge judged against any similar site!

In addition to "upskirt" it also has "tight jeans", "lingerie", "sexy shorts", "panties/bikini", "down blouse" and some celebs content too.

Members of UpSkirtCollection also get access to several additional sites so go check out the free preview and perhaps be surprised by what you can see on the street, especially when there's a gust of wind!

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November 09 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 19:00 ]
Amateurs enjoying all kinds of sex in the 'privacy' of their homes!

If you like the amateur niche and would like to see people enjoying all kinds of sex for fun then maybe go take a look at HomeMadeVids.

It has thousands of XXX vids that were sent in by the public and you'll find pretty much any sexual activity that you can possibly imagine there.

The site is unashamedly about exhibitionism and it's growing in leaps and bounds because there are so many members of the public that want to see themselves on the web. I didn't see any many on man content but then I didn't get near to seeing everything that's there.

Anyway go take a look and you might see somebody that you know there!

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October 21 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:32 ]
Take a look at the kinky things that your neigbors and friends are doing ..
PrivateHomeClips features hardcore home videos of amateurs engaged in every kind of sexual behavior imaginable and in addition to sucking and fucking there's lesbianism and some pretty wild and wonderful fetish stuff too!

The quality is not always the greatest but the realism more than makes up for it if and if you're tired of watching the same pornstars and others going through routines and would like to see what your neighbors and colleagues at work get up to instead, after they've closed the doors and the drapes then
check out PrivateHomeClips now!
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September 01 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 20:57 ]
Amateurs with cum covered faces and dicks in their asses and nothing is staged!
HomeSpyVideo will give you a pretty good idea of what your nice friends and neighbors do when they're at home with their drapes closed.

Just a few months ago this site had a few hundred XXX videos and now it has thousands, and it seems like the public took the owners up on their offer of "share your sex lives here!".

Girlfriends and wives, and their boyfriends and husbands don't just suck and fuck but they enjoy anal sex too and the women and teens get cum all over their faces as well and there's an amazing amount of fetish stuff and even fisting which came as something of a surprise!

The tour has lots and lots of free promos so go take a look at people in toilets and shower and teens masturbating now!

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August 12 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:01 ]
Take a look at amateurs that want to be seen on the web ..
HomeMadeVids has a huge archive of thousands of amateur videos and if voyeurism adds spice to your life and you'd love to know what your neighbors do when they close their drapes then you should love the site!

The site is unashamedly about exhibitionism because the videos on the site which average about three minutes in length were sent in by people that want to be seen on the internet performing any and every kind of sexual act imaginable.

Some of the women might end up working with Paris but the guys didn't look great to me but then it's always a question of horses for courses so go take a look at the tour!

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July 17 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 22:03 ]
A Cute Amateur That Loves Licking Pussy When She's Not Sucking Cock!
SexLovingTiffany features a hot and very beautiful amateur whose specialty seems to be sucking cock and swallowing cum when she's not licking her girlfriends' pussies that is.

The site is not only hardcore but its content is high-definition and looks fantastic and when Tiffany sucks cock, eats pussy or gets fucked hard you get to see every detail and feel like you're right there and are a part of the action.

There's a lot of excellent masturbation content too and members of SexLovingTiffany get access to some excellent bonus sites via the network plus there are daily updates, live cams and HQ pictures too so go take a look now!
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Posted by Redmike  [ 12:17 ]
Sluts that find it real hard to say -
NikkiTheSlut is the website home of a hot and sexy blonde amateur named Nikki who simply finds it hard to say "no"!

Guys and girls are fair game when it comes to having her pussy licked and she loves to be fucked in the ass as much as she does in the pussy and will happily suck all the cum from a rock hard and throbbing cock while another guy screws her.

The quality of the XXX hardcore content is excellent and the site has live cams, pictures and videos so if you like to see great look babes and teens in hardcore action then go take a look at the deal.
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July 04 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:41 ]
Find out what chicks will do to get into movies!
If you didn't know it already then DirtyShowBusiness will show you just how much beautiful chicks and women will do to try and get into the entertainment industry.

The ones on this site will do everything and anything!

The vids are good to very good quality and the navigation is excellent and all the content is advertised as original and I hadn't seen any of it before.

There are literally hundreds of DVDs available for download and there's no download limit plus there are stories and members get access to bonus sites too.

I watched a great promo of two chicks giving a lucky guy a blow-job and when the camera pulls back you see that both of them are being fucked doggy fashion.

Go take a look at it right now!

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April 25 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:24 ]
Does Hair Color Turn You On ?

Today I took a look at brunette and redhead sites …

Lot's of guys get super turned on by redheads but there are not many sites that specialize in them and of the ones that do not many are worth recommending. However, RedHairSex has thousands of pictures and videos of really beautiful and very sexy redhead teens, babes and matures doing everything and anything that you could possibly imagine and probably a whole lot more! The babes are guaranteed to keep you drawling and members of RedHairSex get access to a ton of bonus sites too, so go take a look at the Tour now!

BrownHairGirls is a huge site with over 50,000 images and more than a quarter of a million videos of fantastic looking brunette babes in every kind of hardcore action, and they all look as if they're loving it and not playacting. The site has a lot of anal and group sex too and if you love brunettes then you should definitely go take a look at the tour. BrownHairGirls also has 24/7 live sex shows, adult games and e-zines and its members get access to more than 60 bonus sites too!
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