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January 09 2009
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:09 ]
Lots of extreme hardcore in all the major formats and classics too!

SmashCom offers a wide variety of extreme hardcore videos featuring some of the best hardcore performers in the industry!

From very hot and barely legal aged beauties to the more mature and established performers, and the large archive of vids is offered in all the major formats for both PC and Mac users.

In addition to the extreme XXX hardcore which is a kind of front row seat to trembling orgasms, the site also has a lot of the classics too and they feature all the big names of yesteryear.

There's no download limit but there are lots of videos, pictures, cams and a store plus members of SmashCom get bonus access to several excellent sites with more being added all the time so go check out a somewhat rare and unusual site.

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November 16 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 19:44 ]
Watch great looking chicks get down and dirty in great looking hi-def!
The name, HardNDirty pretty much describes the action on the site which in addition to hardcore fucking includes anal, cumshots, blowjobs, toying and double drilling.

The name however doesn't tell you that the several hundred exclusive videos on the site are all high definition and that they look fantastic even when they're viewed at 1280x720.

In fact four different formats are available, low, high, DVD and HD.

Members of the site get access to several additional high definition sites and the 3 day trial is as close to free as it gets, so go check out the tour now.
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July 26 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:42 ]
See girls get drunk and suddenly become very different!
If you don't know what happens to nearly all women after a few drinks then go check out RealDrunkenGirls!

The teens, babes and matures on the site have a few drinks and soon let go of all their inhibitions and a chick that would make a real fuss about opening her legs when sober happily get's double banged when the room starts to swim.

The site is XXX hardcore and contains fucking, sucking and anal and often all at the same time and members of the site also get access to several very nice bonus sites and to more than 600 DVDs via a plug-in.

Go check out the tour now and you'll better understand what's on the site!
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July 18 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 21:35 ]
Gorgeous amateurs in XXX hardcore hi-def action
UultimateSatisfaction features great looking amateur chicks and guys in hardcore sucking, fucking, Lesbian and toying action and they all look like they're enjoying every moment of it!

The quality is high definition and there's deep throating, masturbation and anal too, plus members of UultimateSatisfaction get access to several very nice bonus sites as well.

The site offers some of the best and most talented amateur sluts that you're likely to come across and the hi-def quality means that you won't miss a thing, so check them it now!
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July 15 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:33 ]
If you think you know about seduction then check this out!
If you think that you know all about seducing women then prepare for a shock when you visit KariTheSeducer because most of the time you're the target and it's you that's getting used.

Cute teens and babes get dressed up before they go on a date and they put on perfume to make themselves smell irresistible. When they open their legs a little or you get a good glimpse of their tits in the mirror when they bend forward, they know what you're seeing and can sense you're hardening cock.

Whether it's good news or bad, you're the one getting picked up to pay a tab or to fill a hole.

KariTheSeducer has a ton of high-definition stills and movie content that will help you understand whose really making the moves so go take a look at it now.
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July 13 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 18:52 ]
Some Sluts Are Simply Divine!
DivineXXXSlut has some great looking chicks on it that don't just let guys cum in their mouths but they almost beg them to do it.

These women know that if they suck a guy dry and then get him hard again that he'll fuck their pussies and asses for ages.

The site has quite a lot of soap and oil action which is very erotic and the men and women both masturbate in the shower with the main difference being that when the guy cums that's it, but when the chick cums she's just getting warmed up.

Members of DivineXXXSlut get access to some very nice bonus sites too so go check it out now.
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May 14 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 21:06 ]
Babes And Sluts Get Conned And Some Become Stars

I would call the babes and teens at SimpleFucks naïve and not whores, slags or prostitutes! They're reaching for the stars and when they hear a smooth talker tell them how they going to reach stardom they believe it. They're told that all the stars got to the top by one simple way so they open their mouths and spread their legs. The lights do come on and the cameras do turn but and they might even end up being stars, but of porn films and not the silver screen. SimpleFucks is a high def site so the content looks fantastic and members get access to a ton of bonus sites including 7 high definition ones, so go take a look now!

SlutMovies is a big hardcore site that has more than 125,000 high bandwidth movies in its archives and more than 500,000 XXX images of facials, close up anal action and bukkake as well! The site also offers live sex shows and 24/7 chat and its members get access to over 60 bonus sites and the trial is almost free which makes it well worth checking out!
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April 02 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 22:28 ]
Cum See Good Looking Sluts In Hardcore Action

SlutMovies is a hardcore site that offers over 125,000 high bandwidth movies and more than 500,000 XXX pictures of facials, close up anal action and even bukkake! The site has live sex shows and 24/7 chat too and members get access to over 60 bonus sites plus the trial is almost a give away. Slower speeds are also available for surfers who are still using modems so go take a look at the tour now and see what it does for you!
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February 11 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 21:00 ]
Simple Fucks And Gagging Sluts - Take Your Choice!

It wouldn't be fair to call the cute babes and teens at SimpleFucks, whores, slags or prostitutes because they are seemingly just simple sluts! They believe every line that guys shoot them and they believe that sucking cocks and spreading their legs will lead them to stardom and bright-lights. Well they get to see the bright-lights when they're filmed sucking cock at the same time that they're get double drilled and because the site is a high definition one you get to see and hear every detail. Members of SimpleFucks get access to a whole lot of bonus sites, seven of which are also hi-def so go take a look at it now!

If however you want a chick with something more in her head, then SluttyGaggers is probably tailor made for you because it features great looking women that mouth cocks right down to the balls and some of the dicks are monsters! The content on the site is high def and if you don't know how good high definition is or perhaps don't even know what it means then stop reading and go take a look at some clips on the tour! SluttyGaggers is part of a megasite so its members get access to plenty of bonus sites and right now the trial is close to free!

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