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January 06 2009
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:32 ]
More than just another video download site because much of the content is exclusive!

The LegendMovies site features a real good selection of hardcore porn movies produced by a top production company by the name of 'Legend' which separates it from most of the other download video sites because most of its content is exclusive.

The site already contains several hundred movies and several thousand scenes for download and its members can download as much as they want.

New vids are getting added on a daily basis and one can search by either 'popular pornstars' or 'categories' and there are lots of both!

There's also the option to edit and make your own custom clips before committing to a download which means that you only download the content that you really want and there's no DRM so once they're on your PC - they're yours.

The best bet would be to go check out the tour and then check out the vids to see whether they appeal to you or not - that way there's probably nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.
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December 23 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:02 ]
Thousands of editable movies for download at a low monthly price!

The site 889movies probably took its original name because of the number of movies that it had on offer, but the archive now contains thousands of vids available in every imaginable and perhaps unimaginable category.

The system and pricing is about as easy as it gets..

You simply choose a movie which you can also chop up into bits if you don't want a big download or don't want the whole video for whatever reason.

You download it and since there's no DRM it's yours for ever.

And the price? A low monthly membership fee!

So if you'd love some great movies that you can pick up and play anytime that you feel like it, for yourself or to watch with friends to then go check out the tour now.
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May 11 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 21:35 ]
Sex, lies and videotapes

The videos at Video Chicks come from a wide range of production companies ranging from the best known ones to some that are not only less known but also offer very specific and very graphic niche content. The site has over a hundred videos right now and is still growing and it wins hand down if you're interested in content that is not mainstream.

Perhaps the web's newest member-based home video and photo website is VideoSeekers and everything on the site was sent in by horny amateurs that would like to see themselves performing on the web! The quality of the content is surprising high which suggests that that sites owners are getting a ton of submission but are only accepting the best ones. It's good to watch folks really enjoying sex and not just doing it for the money so go take a look at the site now!

Both the above sites offer almost free trials which is an offer that's hard to refuse plus access to a huge number of bonus sites so go take a look at them now!
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March 04 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 20:34 ]
Two Very Different Video Download Sites

Today I took a look at two sites that offer video downloads. They’re both very different and they’ll appeal to different people ..

VideoChicks has a good size archive featuring pretty much every XXX niche and the videos come from a wide range of production companies, from the best known ones and also from the more cultish ones. VideoChicks is growing and although it still doesn’t have the huge collection that some of its competitors have, it wins hands down when it comes to the more off the wall and bizarre kind of content.

Members of VideoChicks get access to an additional 65 bonus sites and the price is reasonable so go take a look now!

The second site I checked out was VideoSeekers which is probably the web's newest member-based home video and photo website.

Everything on the site was supposedly sent it by amateurs, but judging by the high quality of the material on the site it would seem that its members upload a ton of stuff which enables VideoSeekers to pick just the very best of it. If a members photos or clips get accepted then VideoSeekers pays them $500 - so take a look at the site now and get you camera and your dick cranking.
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