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February 10 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:25 ]
Gay Sites Are Hard But There's Teen Factory Too!

It's not easy for gay guys to find the content that they want because unlike the 'straight' sites which have around 45 categories, the gay sites are all bundled together which doesn't see fair.

I will try and correct this imbalance by checking out some gay sites in different categories and reporting what I find.

It's not every gay man's dream to see tons of great looking twinks and hunks being screwed by either guys and they'd rather spend some quality time with them!

At GaySolos there are great looking guys that strip, masturbate, parade in their jock straps and briefs and then jerk off and cum!

At they do it all in incredible hi-def which means that you can watch them at 1280x720 and everything will still be razor sharp - everything.

All the videos and images at GaySolos are exclusive and the site updates once a week and there are plenty of free promos on the site to whet your appetite. So go view some now!

And for straight guys that love teens the good news is that TeenFactory has a ton of 18-19 year olds that look fantastic and look like they just want and need more and more sex and it updates daily!

However, the better news is that a lot of the content is high definition and right now there's a 3 day trial membership that's almost free! So go check it out now!
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February 07 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 10:04 ]
Lots of orgies and fresh facials too!
If being having fun at an orgy sounds good then maybe you should go check out PerfectOrgies! It has a huge amount of high quality content of great looking chick in live fucking sex shows an the content is very hot and sometimes very nasty and very vulgar too! The site has sex stories and games too and if hot, nasty and vulgar sounds good then you should love the site.

But if facials are more to your taste then you might like FreshFacials which has great looking teens and babes that suck cocks and seem to enjoy getting the hot sticky cum all over their faces. What makes me think that! Because the often lick it off, that's why!
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February 06 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 20:43 ]
Tempting Trannies And Hot Redhead Babes

The shemale sites are real popular right now and after taking a look at some of them I can understand how straight guys get fooled by them and end up fucking an ass and not a pussy. Especially after a few beers or shots!

I checked out TemptingTrannys which blew me away! The content is real high definition and not just pretending to be and if you don't know how good it looks then go take a look. Even at 1280x720 the content looks razor sharp and you don't miss one drop of sperm or a hardening nipple or clitoris.

After the tranny site I felt in the mood for some sexy redheads and after checking out a few I fell in love with RedHairSex because the models simple blew me away! The chicks get it on with both guys and gals and even if redheads don't sound so exciting go check out the site any way because the number of bonus sites is unbelievable!
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February 05 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:41 ]
Cute Brunettes And Pregnant Ones Too
It's probably true that gentlemen prefer blondes but most people that love porn are neither ladies or gentlemen and they love good looking babes in hardcore action even if they're not blonde and for many guys particularly if the they're brunettes!

Some of the sites in this niche have an enormous amount of high quality content and BrownHairGirls for example has 50,000 images of incredible looking brunette babes and teens that do everything that you could possibly imagine and then some! It also has more than 125,000 streaming videos that feature beautiful chicks not just screwing and sucking but there's fantastic anal action too.

And what about the BrownHairGirls?

I'm not personally big on pregnant chicks especially very big ones but lots of guys love them and I came across a site today entitled PregnantBang that is all about hot and horny pregnant women that still crave a lot of sex and have to have it. The women on the site suck and even deep throat big rock hard dicks and then spread their legs to receive the pounding that they feel that they deserve.
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February 04 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 18:31 ]
Long Lasting Fucks And Manhunters Too!
Lots of young guys love older women and lots of older guys prefer the mature sites to the teen ones, probably because they can't fantasize fucking the cuties or being blown by them. Whatever the reason, the niche is huge and there are some great sites and some great deals available. KinkyMatureSluts features great looking women aged 30 to 65 sucking and fucking and the action is definitely XXX hardcore and the women on the site all look as if they use the men and not vice versa! They suck the guys dry, swallow their cum and then expect a real long fuck and they always get it too!

And talking about women using men, go take a look at ManHunter because the plot revolves around very XXX threesome action and involves the great looking star of the site Shauna who helps her girlfriends not to just get laid but to suck their male victims dry.
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Posted by Redmike  [ 12:14 ]
Fisting is for those that like to keep their hand in!
The fisting niche has a good amount of people that enjoy it and there are some excellent sites available.

Lots of men and women that practice fisting claim that it's a real bonding experience and I suppose it is if you consider that your whole hand is inside somebody's pussy or ass.

The sites offering this delight vary a lot from ones that have lesbian chicks gently working a hand into a moist vagina to sites that feature women getting up to four fists rammed hard into their pussies and either men or women getting up to two fists in their tight asses.

FistBang for example features real depravity, and you won’t find it a very nice site unless the nastiest kind of fist fucking does it for you!

The site has been banned in many countries and not without good reason! It’s gross by any stretch of the imagination and if you still want to check it out then go take a look but don’t say that you weren’t warned!

And if fisting doesn't do it for you then how about great gangbangs?!

Amazing Gang Bangs is probably the biggest orgy site on the web and the action is everything that you'd hope for and more and the beautiful teens and babes get double drilled, get their pussies licked while another guy is screwing their ass and some of the lesbian action is sensational. Members of Amazing Gang Bangs get access to a huge array of bonus sites and the trial price is almost a giveaway so go check it out!
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February 03 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:18 ]
The squirting sites are making a big splash!
The squirting sites are doing big business right now and if you have visited one of them then maybe it's time to check them out!

The jury is out on whether the chicks squirt love juice or simply piss when they come, but one thing is for sure the folks on the squirting sites have a helluva lot of fun!

There are several very successful sites in this niche and some even teach women how to squirt but most are just out and out hardcore and fun too!

SluttySquirters for example, features great looking and totally uninhibited teens that fuck and suck and when they finally come they spray something over everyone around them and everyone seems to love the fun!

And there are other sites like SquirtingChicks which features well known pussies and asses like Briana Banks that explode and spray fluids after they've been screwed and pussy licked for a while.

If you haven't tried this niche or aren't familiar with it then go check out some sites and have some fun while you're there!
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