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October 04 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 10:21 ]
Great looking teens and babes getting double drilled in high definition ..

The beautiful teens and babes at TwoHoleCrammers get double drilled and some seem to love it whereas others give the impression that it hurts like hell.

The vids are all high definition and when you watch them at full screen, widescreen dimensions at a mind blowing 4200 kbps they still look fantastic and you don't miss a stretched muscle or a subtle change of expression on a chick's face.

Members get access to a growing number of high definition sites and the three day trial is close to free.
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September 26 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 11:04 ]
Stunning Brazilian and African shemales in hi-def hardcore action ..
You can see every detail of the incredible looking Brazilian and African shemales at BlackBrazilianShemales because the content on the site is all high definition!

The videos, which average around 20 minutes each and the thousands of HD pictures are all zipped up and ready to download and all the material is 100% exclusive.

BlackBrazilianShemales was clearly built with the real connoisseurs of exotic shemale pornography in mind and t-girl sites don't get any better than this one!
There are plenty of great looking free trailers on the tour and members that stay for a second month get access to bonus sites too so go take a look at the site now.
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September 25 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:27 ]
Do you want of find a tranny site that's probably the best on the web? Check here!
SheAniMale is without doubt one of the very best tranny toon sites and if you're captivated by t-girls then you'll most likely love the site from the first moment that you set eyes on it.

And if you're not yet a fan then SheAniMale will most likely make you one!
The site has hard to believe great looking shemales and the anime and hentai artwork is as good or better than you'll see on any other site!

What's more if the site doesn't have what you need then submit your idea and it will more than likely very quickly appear on the site.

You might like or loathe SheAniMale but go check it out now and decide.
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September 22 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:04 ]
If you're an anal virgin then keep your back to the wall!
DamesWithDicks is much more than just another tranny site because its content is genuine high definition and isn't just pretending to be!

When I checked the vids and clips at 1280x720 they still looked razor-sharp and I could see every detail of a stretching ass and the cum on faces glistened.

The site is getting regular updates and the best way to really understand how good and exciting the content is, is to go take a look at some of the free trailers.

It's hard to watch the action without feeling that you're a part of it, so if you're an anal virgin then keep your back to the wall!

I had to click on one of the 'quality' buttons when I wanted to view a promo because if I didn't I got taken to the sign up page but hopefully this programming gaffe will have been fixed by the time you read this.

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September 21 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 13:39 ]
Trannies with new faces and new bodies in hi-def action ..

If you enjoy tranny action but need to see new faces and bodies too then go take a look at LB-69!

LB-69 is the flagship of a network of tranny sites and it's been operating since October 2005 and its membership has been continuously growing which is always a good sign.

The t-girls all come from Asia and Brazil and you won't see better looking or sexier ones anywhere.

The content on the site is high-def and whether or not you know what that is you should go check out some promos now
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September 17 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:08 ]
Gorgeous babes, lesbian action and it's all in high-defintion ..
If you get turned on by very beautiful chicks in hot lesbian action then you should love ChicksLoveChicks because not only does it have a ton of that but the content is all high-definition!

The site has masturbation, pussy licking, tongue in mouth kissing, toying and some dildo fucking as well and updates are getting added all the time plus members get access to some really nice bonus sites as well.

The tour has some incredible promos so stop reading here and go check them out now!
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September 10 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 22:27 ]
Guys getting jerked-off by great looking feet in hi-def is exciting!
FeetPumpers might be a narrow niche but it's very popular with those that enjoy it and many first time visitors are surprised that they get turned on by what they see.

The site looks fabulous and the high-definition content means that you can see every detail of every leg and foot and every drop of cum that sprays over them.

The women on the site are all beautiful and they all have great legs and wonderfully manicured feet and seeing them use their feet to arouse a guy and then jerk him off with them does have a strange eroticism.

Members of FeetPumpers get access to a growing number of other hi-def sites so go take a look at some of the promos and see what they do for you and you might be very surprised.
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September 01 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 20:57 ]
Amateurs with cum covered faces and dicks in their asses and nothing is staged!
HomeSpyVideo will give you a pretty good idea of what your nice friends and neighbors do when they're at home with their drapes closed.

Just a few months ago this site had a few hundred XXX videos and now it has thousands, and it seems like the public took the owners up on their offer of "share your sex lives here!".

Girlfriends and wives, and their boyfriends and husbands don't just suck and fuck but they enjoy anal sex too and the women and teens get cum all over their faces as well and there's an amazing amount of fetish stuff and even fisting which came as something of a surprise!

The tour has lots and lots of free promos so go take a look at people in toilets and shower and teens masturbating now!

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August 31 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 17:01 ]
Women with hairy pussies, wearing stockings and suspender belts ..
If you loved and got a big kick out of the porn movies that were made in the '50s and '60s then go take a look at TheClassicPorn because that's what it features. The movies are very different to the ones that get made today which sometimes seem too Barbie and plastic-like.

The women in the classic ones nearly all had hairy pussies and they wore sexy looking lingerie and many of the men had mustaches.

The tour not only has dozens of pages that you can check out but it also has promos so go take a look at it now and check out all the suspender belts and stockings.
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August 13 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 16:52 ]
If you'd like to see great looking dames with dicks then chick this out ..

Whether you're already a fan of shemale sites or you want to know why so many people love them a trip to DamesWithDicks should be on you must visit list.

Nearly all the content of the fantastic looking t-girls sucking, fucking and masturbating is high definition so the quality is of course fantastic and the sound is close to stereo quality.

There isn't another site quite like DamesWithDicks on the internet so go take a look at some of the many promos on the tour and perhaps be amazed.

A small piece of advice though; the best way to view the promos is to click on the words, "Play Sample Trailer" and then click on the 'play' button - that's what worked for me anyway!
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August 12 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 12:01 ]
Take a look at amateurs that want to be seen on the web ..
HomeMadeVids has a huge archive of thousands of amateur videos and if voyeurism adds spice to your life and you'd love to know what your neighbors do when they close their drapes then you should love the site!

The site is unashamedly about exhibitionism because the videos on the site which average about three minutes in length were sent in by people that want to be seen on the internet performing any and every kind of sexual act imaginable.

Some of the women might end up working with Paris but the guys didn't look great to me but then it's always a question of horses for courses so go take a look at the tour!

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August 10 2008
Posted by Redmike  [ 17:36 ]
New tranny faces and bodies in high-definition action ...
If you love shemale action but would like to see some new faces and bodies then go take a look at lb-69 (ladyboy) because it features very hot, and as of now t-girls that haven’t yet appeared on other sites.

lb-69 features high definition content that's all shot in-house and the quality has to be seen to be believed!

There’s softcore solo and hardcore involving two or more trannies in extremely provocative combinations of shemale/shemale, shemale/female and shemale/male!

The trannies are all from either Asia or Brazil and you won't see more gorgeous ones anywhere else.

Anyone signing up gets access to another site for free so go take a look at the tour now!
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